Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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Tiny Dog Looking for a Guinness World Record Category
By dap
Last year, Tiny Dancer, a little long-haired Chihuahua was set to be the Guinness World Record-holder for smallest dog, but some smaller dogs came forward. This year his owner has a better idea. Why not the smallest therapy dog? ... -

Firefighter uses CPR to save tiny dog
By Faelarwen(Faelarwen)
When firefighters arrived at the blaze in northeastern Louisiana Friday, a resident of the house approached firefighter Stephen "Odie" Odom and told him two dogs were trapped inside. Odom entered the house and found the two tiny ...
The cat meows -

Weird Health Wednesdays: A Funny Commercial, Dog CPR, and Malaria ...
By Amy
Apparently, it’sa mouth-to-snout thing, and the firefighter did infant-type chest compressions on the tiny dog he pulled out of a mobile home fire. And it worked. After I read this story, I got curious and I found this. ...
Asthma Mom -

By chachronica
A tiny dog with little or no purpose, that is infinitely annoying. Subdogs are those that don’t deserve to be classified with the real dogs that actually do something. I am sorry, but how can you classify weenie dogs and miniature ...
Chaton's Weblog -

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