Thursday, March 27, 2008

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Yorkshire Terrier Slippers
By admin
I just know my dogs would eat these slippers, still they’re pretty darned cute. The Yorkshire Terrier Slippers are made of soft plush fabric, with cushiony soft inch thick foam soles and slip resistant bottoms. ...
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Plants Not To Feed Any Dog:
By Sarah
American yew Delphinium Mock orange Angel’s trumpet Elderberry Moonweed Apricot, Almond English holly Mushrooms & Toadstools Arrowgrass English yew Oleander Azalea Foxglove Peach tree Bird of paradise Hemlock Pokeweed Bittersweet ...
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xsuddenlynowx @ 2008-03-27T22:20:00
By |) @ |\| |\| !(|) @ |\| |\| !)
hahahahahhahaha there's a story on the news about a tiny dog being carried away by a hawk. that amuses me far too much. So, Abby has this journal that she showed me, and it's absolutely amazing. Someone should give me this. ...
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